From the recording Dingir


Of all the perfect memories you burn into my brain
You don’t include the things I left behind
A million golden embers left inside this empty space
Ignite the pages bound into my mind

I know you’re right

So Cover up
Take it down
Don’t let go
Hit the ground
Every night
Till they’re high away

You haven’t lost this thing you made
But somewhere else there’s a path you crave
Board the windows, bolt the doors
I’m Hoping time will calm this storm

She said, “With you it was a perfect life...
but thinking back it always gets me down”.
She knows I’m here but just for empathy
I just don’t do longevity

Cry out upon the night
Face down into a lake
Drill deep into the core
And shot out upon the stars

Another fading daylight casting light upon your door
The painted walls, the timid look, your pale eyes
It’s been 3 thousand hours since I threw it all away
The broken gaze, the calloused hand, the sated mind

Your heart is for beating and not the thief by your side