From the recording Dingir


Here in an empty room
Here in these marble eyes
You don’t want to change

Cos you’re lost in the haze
where memories give way
To a thousand yard stare
Back towards me

You let down your hair and you tidy up
Pray for the children to grow up
You can not sustain this
Your good intentions made this

Conversation : isolation
Paving roads to vacant houses

Hold me - when my back’s to the edge
Turn slowly if I try to resist
Tonight we’ll find out where you’ve been
But you’re so far gone
You can’t find your way back

Millions of broken hearts will mend
Imaginary feelings you can hide inside

There’s a house at the edge of a hillside
The foundation is cracked but it still stands
And the hands that prevent it from falling below
Are demons preventing you from letting go
Of a silhouette’s shroud in the darkness
A whisper escapes from a hidden place
“Lies told in moonlight are lost in the dawn”
A house with no family is no home at all

But you hold me
When my back’s to the edge
Turn Slowly - if I try to resist
Tonight we’ll find out where we’ve been
We’re not so far gone we can’t find our way back